Elsio Eybrecht

Transformational Coach, Speaker + Author


About Elsio


Through my services, clients of all ages who feel disconnected, uncertain, stuck, overwhelmed or under-satisfied will find their footing, widen their stance, and find the position of strength from which they will begin to live a fulfilling life, deeply connected to their intuition through Source energy.


Discover your magic so you may deeply connect with your inner-self.

“Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousnesses”

“Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousnesses”

Book Series

If you wish to achieve a completed circle encompassing self, inner-guide, and Source, click here for updated information on Elsio’s upcoming transformational book, Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness.

Podcast, Webinars & Video Courses

While you wait for the book, join Elsio on his transformational Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness podcast and on one or more of his wellness-enhancing webinars or video courses.

Energy Body Activation (Meditations & Movements such as Running, Tennis and Interval Cardio)

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“What impresses me most about Coach Elsio is his ability to connect with each of his students individually regardless of age or ability.

He has a unique capacity to combine professionalism and discipline but also keep things fun and positive. I have benefited tremendously from Coach Elsio’s teaching and philosophy of life.”