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Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness Book 1

A Personal Story behind the Story about my Journey to Self Transformation

Are you ready to take a swim in the Ocean of Consciousness? Do you long for clarity? Happiness? Maybe there is an elusive goal that you have had difficulty reaching? To be the person you want to be, on the terms you want, you need to engage your mental, emotional and physical "Self." If you have ever felt as though you were plateaued or just plain stuck in one or more areas of your life, Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach Elsio Eybrecht explains how to get unstuck and achieve the life you desire and deserve. He takes you by the hand and guides you on a swim in the Ocean of Consciousness to discover your true "Self." Eybrecht has spent a lifetime pursuing excellence in both his professional and personal life. Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness is a step-by-step plan to help others attain the same results in less time. From guided meditations to self-evaluation checklists, he kick-starts the reader on his or her own path to greatness. His philosophy begins with reshaping the mindset as the first step to changing one's life. Eybrecht calls upon his personal experiences as well as knowledge acquired from mentors to work through the unexpected and the negative circumstances that seemingly knock people off kilter and are the sources of most struggle. He is a teacher crafted from the experience of rebuilding his own life from the ground up on more than one occasion and from more than one type of circumstance. His journey has been one of physical battles, spiritual questioning and emotional scars. Like most of people, Eybrecht has had his share of challenges, however he has learned the methods necessary to do more than overcome. He has found that within failure lies one step closer to success. In this book, he shares his insight and clarity as a means of giving back to humanity. In Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness, he invites the reader to embark on a journey beginning with the first steps necessary to produce the building skills required to create the best version of one's "Self."

Elsio’s Webinars & Video Courses

Soon to be released, these virtual courses will add even greater depth to my written materials, methodically diving beneath the surface of the Sea of Consciousness.

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Does something inside you beckon, calling you to discover a sense of wholeness you’ve only ever dreamed of?

In Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness, renowned tennis coach turned transformational life coach, Elsio Eybrecht, will catalyze immeasurable change in your life. His teachings will empower you to live a life free from the boundaries of who you were taught to be or who you have become to survive. You will look inward, shed the labels, free your mind, and discover infinite joy and wellbeing, approaching every situation with light and love.

Ultimately, Elsio’s guidance will drive honesty, confidence, intuition, and bravery. Through this, you will achieve a completed circle encompassing self, inner-guide, and Source.

Features include:

  • Guided meditations at the end of each chapter

  • Questions to facilitate discussion

  • Accessible language to facilitate transformation for all ages and stages

While You Wait

While you wait for the book, join Elsio on his transformational Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness podcast and on one or more of his wellness-enhancing webinars.

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