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Energy Body Activation

Conscious Mind-Body Meditation & Movement For Beginners

A Prelude to Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness  

In Energy Body Activation,Coach Elsio Eybrecht will lead readers through his process of achieving self-love and connection with his innate spiritual guidance. His journey will inspire readers to do the same, as he guides them through his process of achievement, one that incorporates traditional health and fitness with holistic life coaching, fusing the two to create Energy Body Activation.

There are three disciplines involved in this powerful and life-changing process:

  • Stillness in Motion

  • Poetry in Motion

  • Passion in Motion

Elsio will guide the reader through this process, offering meditations, practical and actionable physical practices, affirmations and inspirations from his own personal experience and life story.

The reader will come away from this experience with a newfound union of the physical body and the Higher Self, allowing the possibility of ever greater achievements.

Elsio’s Webinars & Video Courses

Soon to be released, these virtual courses will add even greater depth to my written materials, methodically diving beneath the surface of the Sea of Consciousness.

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Does something inside you beckon, calling you to discover a sense of wholeness you’ve only ever dreamed of?

In Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness, renowned tennis coach turned transformational life coach, Elsio Eybrecht, will catalyze immeasurable change in your life. His teachings will empower you to live a life free from the boundaries of who you were taught to be or who you have become to survive. You will look inward, shed the labels, free your mind, and discover infinite joy and wellbeing, approaching every situation with light and love.

Ultimately, Elsio’s guidance will drive honesty, confidence, intuition, and bravery. Through this, you will achieve a completed circle encompassing self, inner-guide, and Source.

Features include:

  • Guided meditations at the end of each chapter

  • Questions to facilitate discussion

  • Accessible language to facilitate transformation for all ages and stages

While You Wait

While you wait for the book, join Elsio on his transformational Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness podcast and on one or more of his wellness-enhancing webinars.

Listen to the latest episode of Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness: