Here is what clients are saying about me. . .

Elsio’s skills as a life mentor matched that if not exceeded any counselor I have ever visited. Elsio managed to help me with my anger issues and alleviated my stress from problems at home. Without Elsio and his mentorship, I am not sure where or what I would be like today. . .his lessons of life and ball still remain in my memories to this day. You cannot and will not find a better tennis coach or life mentor than Coach Elsio. He changed my life. . . .
— Tristan Dang, former student

What impresses me most about Coach Elsio is his ability to connect with each of his students individually regardless of age or ability. He has a unique capacity to combine professionalism and discipline but also keep things fun and positive. I have benefited tremendously from Coach Elsio’s teaching and philosophy of life.
— Mark Simmons, former client

Passionate, considerate, dedicated, inspiring, committed and growing, these are a few of the words I would use to describe transformational coach Elsio Eybrecht. His love for his students guides them toward new avenues of growth, personally and professionally. . . . He has always had a vision of what could be and that has been the guiding light that has kept him strong and committed to his journey and shedding light on the journeys of others.
— Ken DeHart, Friend and Mentor for over 19 years

I appreciate so much that Elsio went above an beyond to teach my daughter strength and perseverance. He has always encouraged and believed in her beyond what we’ve experienced from other professionals. I would recommend Elsio to anyone and everyone.
— Vivian He, Parent of Former Student

My amazing friend and trusted confidant, Elsio, is an amazing transformational coach, gifted in lighting the way for those seeking to excel and become empowered. Steeped in contagious inspiration, and able to help those see the bigger picture, he utilizes a unique approach, paired with the gift of insight.

Elsio is a forward thinker, whose presence and disarming demeanor liberates those around him from the proverbial Pandora’s box of negative self-talk. He is dedicated to producing results through recognition of self-evaluation and reconditioning the human dynamic at its’ very core. To say he is gifted is an understatement.

He transforms those with the desire to succeed by the way of self-reflection, goal setting and a purpose driven life by taking a “Swim in the Ocean…” with him.

Elsio is the ambassador of mental and emotional freedom, self-empowerment and the greater good. He emulates the brightest shining light, passion, zeal and version of us all.
— Lanna Monday