Sample Writing #1

Energy Body Activation

Conscious Mind-Body Meditation & Movement for Beginners

 The Rise of the Phoenix

It is no secret that healing does not happen if you are singularly focused. If you simply choose to go the traditional medical route, you may see some improvement, but not complete healing. Additionally, if you focus solely on holistic methods, you may make strides, but a complete sense of wellness may still elude you. For this reason, the integration of movement into any healing routine is vital to make leaps and bounds toward healing and toward hitting personal and spiritual goals.

In a spiritual sense, we may find ourselves lost, unable to connect to Spirit because of rampant mind, body and soul discord. The constant static of our day-to-day lives paired with the busyness that plagues our society, we are on the go, never stopping to open our minds to the great expanse that exists beyond what we know.

In the physical body, today, we suffer from more injuries than ever before--orthopedic and beyond. In addition, there are so many of us, who struggle to maintain a balance, health and happy life, due to some injury or illness.

I am living proof that you can survive, and ultimately recover from the worst physical trauma. Even if doctors give up on your recovery, Source has other plans.  

The following is my short story behind the story of Coach Elsio Eybrecht, how I survived spinal surgery, and lived to not just walk again but to thrive as a tennis, health & fitness coach for the past 20 years.  

In the depths of my despair, I could never imagine that my painful surgery would eventually lead to completing the Chek Institute Holistic Life Coach Program and to launch my own business as a transformational author, speaker and life coach.


“The Story behind the Story”

The Hawk that Learned how to Soar

Before I begin to explain just what this “Energy Body Activation” is, I would like to first explain just how it came to be. I was in the process of recovering from major spinal surgery, after which, I was advised by my doctor to give up tennis. He also suggested I avoid any other physically challenging activities that could further damage my spine or cause my existing injury to flare up again.

You must understand that I did not take this advice lightly. I carefully analyzed and considered what the doctor was telling me. I lay there in my hospital bed, reflected on my life and looked closely at where I was at that moment of my life. I looked at my legs just lying there, and I was hardly able to move them. They were so weak that I could not stand or walk on my own.  I was amazed at how small they had become due to the decline in my muscle tissue thanks to inactivity.

It’s surprising how many thoughts can run through one’s mind when they are in such a position or in any position that leaves one feeling so helpless and hopeless! I was scared, I won’t lie! I cried for many nights and had trouble sleeping. But after those tears dried, I had a decision to make. What would I do with the rest of my life? How does one find the strength and the courage to walk away from a lifelong dream? How does one bury their dreams and move on? For many sleepless nights I ruminated on these and so many other questions.

In this time, I became heavily reliant upon myself as a very spiritual being. Even before the accident that caused my spinal injury, I was on a personal spiritual quest—one of spiritual evolution. I wanted to know the answers to life’s three basic questions: who am I, from where do I come and to where do I go?    

Before my accident, I was a religious person, but soon found that religion itself did not have the answers to the questions that I was asking. I soon began my personal quest for spiritual truth—spiritual truth about my being, my life, the world in which I existed and the universe in which that world existed.

So, naturally, I had so much free time on my hands just laying there in my hospital bed for three months after my surgery. I had to wait until I was strong enough to be able to stand on my own and was ready to learn how to walk again—yes I had to learn how to walk all over again.

I used this time to read as much as I could from the various wisdom texts that I had purchased before I was admitted into the hospital. As I would wait for the nurse to come and give me my regular fix of morphine every three hours to ease my intense pain, I would stay up late at night just reading. I would lay in bed meditating on the things that I was learning and discovering about myself and the world at large.

When I had regained enough strength to stand on my own, it was time to leave the hospital and go home. At that point, my doctor suggested that I visit with a physical therapist to aid in the rehabilitation of my muscles so that I could walk and move around normally and independently. But after a few months of this, I realized that the therapist had helped me as much as they could and the rest would be up to me.

Most of what they were doing with me I already knew and could do on my own. I used to teach the same basic movements to my tennis clients during our tennis classes or during our fitness classes. So I made the decision to seek out assistance from deep within my self, to search the depths of my subconscious mind. I came to realize that if man, truly had a soul and if this soul of man was some how connected to or linked to the supreme soul of all—the god of all gods—then I would learn to discipline my mind and learn how to channel my mental energy within. I would find a way to make a connection to this essence of life and to see if I could find the answers to my questions about life as well as the wisdom and knowledge to heal my physical body.

Sample Writing #2

“Swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness”

Chapter 1

From The Dust

 I’ve died a thousand deaths, each time reinventing myself brighter, stronger, and purer than before. From the midst of destruction, I became the creator of myself. From the midst of darkness, I became my own source of light. —Cristen Rodgers

A pile of ashes is the shadow of what once was. It is the sooty remainder of something that lived, ferocious and roaring, not long ago.

Beneath the ashes, though, there is hope. If you look closely, you may even see movement—rustling, beginning to push the dust aside. It isn’t long before something emerges. At first, it isn’t clear what this creature is, but as you look closely, you begin to notice familiar shapes. First, a wing. Then two. Then a head, complete with a beak. A tail, soon individual feathers. It is a phoenix, and it stretches its wings, cranes its neck, and takes off, bound for a life we can only imagine.

This image is one we are all too familiar with. It is arguably the most recognizable symbol of rebirth. It represents beauty that is only possible in the wake of great destruction. We all possess the power to witness our collective struggles, no matter what they look like, as the fire from which a phoenix will rise. However, it takes a conscious effort to embrace our individuality as the glorious result of the challenges we’ve faced and to open ourselves to the fluidity that exists between our world and the eternal. 

The Greatest Lesson

It took me some time to learn the truth. I was who I was because of my upbringing, not in spite of it. The act of denying my individuality removed the value of the Life Lesson in the trauma. Not finding the courage like the lion to stand by Spirit, snuffed the flame before the phoenix had been birthed. This meant that I was not able to come from a place of heart to protect. I was much like the Tin Man with an empty chest cavity. Without the Guidance of Spirit, I needed to gain the mind to compensate.  

So, you see, this is what my Grandmother was getting at when she said, “You are the magic, everything you want and need is inside of you. Put a man’s head on your shoulders.”  She was willing to gift me with light, heart, courage, valor, dignity, integrity and wisdom from my ancestors. By ignoring this or trying to hide its rich power, I was laughing in the face of Spirit, who had a plan for me.

This I now know was my 20 years into the wilderness—20 years to come home to Spirit. She was striking a match, stoking the flames, and I was stomping them out before the magic could take hold.  I was afraid of being magical in a world filled with darkness, hatred and anger. It was all around me, from the bullies at school, to the anger in my uncle.

The Darkness was all around and I knew that it was not for me to prove I was strong as they were—I did not need to belong to their clan. On the contrary, it was the wisdom of mind, the valor of heart and the courage of Spirit I had to harness in order to stand for what should be!  What should be said, what should be done, what should be allowed, this is the magic, the mind, body and Spirit entangled in a beautiful, ethereal dance.